Pistil in Process

IMG_1903 Again, solid form in clay first. Embracing the s-curve!


IMG_1912 Hey! There’s the petal waste mold awaiting a plaster pour! The pistil form is ready to be covered in pink plaster. The 3 little knobs were added to make it easier to get the clay out of that end. This is my second pistil form and waste mold. The first was literally a waste, a bunch of clay got stuck in the end. I like this one better anyhow.


IMG_1914 First layer


IMG_1916 Second layer. It looks like an owl.


IMG_1868 Here I am scooping the clay out after the waste mold had dried. It was tough in the neck area, but it all came out. The little knobs worked! I still had to let some of the smallest sections at the top get bone dry so I could tap them out with a mallet.





IMG_1967 Plaster prototype. Note, the neck is thinner than the clay version. I waited to thin it out on the plaster form because I was concerned it was going to break in the waste mold if it was too skinny. Well, it broke anyway. I patched it good as new!


IMG_1974 Mold part one. I made the walls too straight and only realized once I poured the plaster. I had to scrape down the sides to avoid undercuts.


IMG_1976 Getting prepped for part 3.





Pics to follow of the finished mold! It came apart easily and is drying now. I hope it works!


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