Annotated Thesis Outline

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Artist Statement

Thesis Statement

Thesis Narrative

Research: Background and Sources

Process: Material and Studio Practice

Technical Information

Image Reproductions and Photo Documentation

Curriculum Vitae/ Resume


CD: Digital copies of images and document

Exhibition Card/ Announcement


Artist Statement:

Angiosperm: vessel for the seed

Flowering plants= function and aesthetics

Objects- fulfill different purpose, goal= satisfy functional and aesthetic desires.

Entice the viewer, color, shape, sensuality

Functional porcelain objects inspired by floral anatomy

Suggest botanical and ceramic function

Organic design appeals to senses; sight, touch, curiosity


Thesis Intro Statement:

Eva Zeisel Quote, Objects, design

Fuse interior dec. career with ceramic making

Botany, floral anatomy as formal inspiration

Combination of function and aesthetics, familiarity and curiosity


Thesis Narrative:

 First Paragraph:

Introduce my fascination with objects.

My history with interior design/decor.

Both functional and decorative ceramics as an essential aspect of interior design. (Examples)

Human relationship with objects and function.

Discuss aesthetics and function, Art Nouveau vs. Modernists.

Second Paragraph:

Discuss Botany, the study of plants.

Initial aesthetic appeal of flowering plants; how they add beauty to the world, used in pleasure and celebration. Also, their existence= crucial to the sustainability of the world. They provide food, oxygen, sustenance.

My experience with plants/gardening, appreciation for organic life forms.

Perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

Third Paragraph:

Discuss my intent, to combine function and aesthetics with my porcelain objects.

Detailed discussion of each form, its reference to part of the flower and to a functional object.

Sculptural qualities/ Functional capabilities

Taking familiar, everyday objects and giving them an organic reference, resulting in unusual forms that bring delight with use.


Research: Background and Sources

            Eva Zeisel, Marcel Wanders

Art Nouveau


Anatomy of Flowers

Scientific Diagrams

Botanical Prints



Process: Material and Studio Practice

Discuss sculpting original clay forms, plaster prototyping, mold making and slip casting.

Include in-process images.


Technical Information

            Cone 6 Porcelain Slip , (objects)-Recipe

Cone 6 Translucent Porcelain Slip, (lighting element)-Recipe

Cone 6 Glaze, Recipe

Plaster Prototyping, Mold Making, Slip Casting

Firing Schedules, Bisque and Cone 6


Image Reproductions and Photo Documentation


Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

            –to be attached



            –List of Books, Websites, etc.


CD: Digital Copies of images and document


Exhibition Card/ Announcement



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