Thesis Statement Draft I

In the words of Eva Zeisel, “Things soothe and bathe a home with grace and provide intangible pleasures and joy.” Objects have a special place in our lives. We form relationships with them, interact on a daily basis, look to them for comfort. My interest in designing for the home began with interior design. I enjoy arranging all the elements of a room to create a cohesive space, or environment. I want to fuse my ceramic making with my career in design and decorating. I have a unique opportunity to not only seek out and purchase alluring functional objects for my clients, but to design them myself.

Botany, the study of plants, is a science that exposes truths about the amazing organisms that surround us. Flowering plants, in particular, make up at least 260,000 of the 300,000 land plant species. The initial appeal of flowers lies in their beauty, color, delicacy, sensuous shape, and fragrance. Spending time with my father, learning about gardening and starting one of my own, has given me a profound appreciation for these life forms. They are the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

I seek to harness this combination in the design of my porcelain objects. Each is inspired by a specific part of floral anatomy, magnified and abstracted to become something recognizable, yet curious. The objects reference common wares one might find in any home, yet they give evidence that they are biologically informed.

I use porcelain, valued for its translucency, strength and elegance, to emphasize the preciousness of the forms. Slip casting allows for efficient, consistent production.
















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